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Account | Teacher Training and Workshop Cancellation Policies

Account | Teacher Training and Workshop Cancellation Policies

Yearly account Cancellation You may cancel this agreement with thirty day period written notice by certified or authorized mail or by emailing studio management for almost any associated with the after reasons: a) If upon a physician’s purchase, you can not actually have the services as a result of a significant real impairment for a period of time in overabundance half a year. b) in the event that you move your residence significantly more than 25 kilometers from any studio operated by vendor. You need to offer proof that is satisfactory of residence. c) when you can offer satisfactory evidence of task loss. d) in the event that you die, your property will probably be relieved of every further responsibility for repayment beneath the agreement maybe not then due and owing.

Month to Month Membership Cancellation

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You could cancel this agreement with 1 month written notice by certified or mail that is registered by emailing studio management

Yearly Membership Freeze PolicyMembers may temporarily suspend their account prior to the next terms: A) You may freeze your account as soon as per contractual 12 months for no less than one thirty days and at the most three months that are consecutive. You will be charged Pure Yoga’s freeze cost. If you freeze your membership through the first year of one’s account, you are charged regular monthly dues before you meet with the 12 months responsibility, and after that you are charged Pure Yoga’s freeze cost when it comes to amount of the freeze. When your have already been a user for one year or much longer in the time the freeze works well, you are charged the existing freeze cost in advance and payment is going to be held for the approved extent of one’s freeze.